Callaway Weather Spann (1-Pack)

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# 5319219 - Callaway Weather Spann (1-Pack)

Premium Japanese Synthetic Material - Great Feel, Flexibility, and Increased Durability. 4-way Stretch Synthetic on Knuckles - Advanced Performance: Moisture-wicking, Breathability, and Flexibility. Perforations on Palm, Top of Hand, and Fingers - Moisture Reduction and Increased Breathability. Reinforced Palm Patches - Improved Grip and Durability in All Weather Conditions. Opti Fit™ Adjustable Closure - Thin, Light, and Secure Fit. Stretch Binding Cuff - Secure Feel and Moisture Absorption.
Item number listed is for Men's Regular Left Hand Small.
Additional Information
Product color: White.

Available as stock product only.

Stock product is not returnable.

Available sizes: Men's Regular Left & Right Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL, 2XL; Men's Regular Cadet Left Hand - Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL.

Ladies Regular Left & Right Hand - Small, Medium, Large.

Info: When ordering please keep in mind that you will want to order a left handed glove for a right handed player and vise versa.

Please specify which hand you are ordering on your purchase order.

Item Numbers: Men's Regular Left Hand Small (5319219), Men's Regular Left Hand Medium (5319220), Men's Regular Left Hand Medium/Large (5319221), Men's Regular Left Hand Large (5319222), Men's Regular Left Hand XL (5319223), Men's Regular Left Hand 2XL (5319587), Men's Regular Right Hand Small (5319524), Men's Regular Right Hand Medium (5319224), Men's Regular Right Hand Medium/Large (5319225), Men's Regular Right Hand Large (5319226), Men's Regular Right Hand XL (5319227), Men's Regular Right Hand 2XL (5319588), Men's Cadet Left Hand Medium (5319525), Men's Cadet Left Hand Medium/Large (5319526), Men's Cadet Left Hand Large (5319527), Men's Cadet Left Hand XL (5319528), Ladies Regular Left Hand Small (5319329), Ladies Regular Left Hand Medium (5319330), Ladies Regular Left Hand Large (5319331), Ladies Regular Right Hand Small (5319590), Ladies Regular Right Hand Medium (5319591), Ladies Regular Right Hand Large (5319592).