Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol

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# 5319158 - Callaway Men's Dawn Patrol

The Callaway Dawn Patrol showcases the ultimate in performance and durability in an all leather glove.
All Leather Constructions: Great Feel, Fit & Durability. Perforations on Palm, Fingers and Thumb: Moisture Reduction & Increased Breathability. Opti Fit™ Adjustable Closure: Thin, Light & Secure Fit. Cotton Terry Cuff: Soft Feel and Moisture Absorption.
Additional Information
Product color: White.

Available as stock product only.

Stock product is not returnable.

Available sizes: Men's Regular Left Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL, 2XL; Men's Regular Right Hand - Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL; Men's Cadet Left Hand - Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL.

Info: When ordering please keep in mind that you will want to order a left handed glove for a right handed player and vise versa.

Please specify which hand you are ordering on your purchase order.

Item Numbers: Men's Regular Left Hand Small (5319158); Men's Regular Left Hand Medium (5319159); Men's Regular Left Hand Medium/Large (5319160); Men's Regular Left Hand Large (5319161); Men's Regular Left Hand XL (5319162); Men's Regular Left Hand 2XL (5319163); Men's Regular Right Hand Medium (5319164); Men's Regular Right Hand Medium/Large (5319165); Men's Regular Right Hand Large (5319166); Men's Regular Right Hand XL (5319167); Men's Cadet Left Hand Small (5319168); Men's Cadet Left Hand Medium (5319169); Men's Cadet Left Hand Medium/Large (5319170); Men's Cadet Left Hand Large (5319171); Men's Cadet Left Hand XL (5319172).